Social Casinos are so popular as never

The social life has changed a lot in the past few months. New ways of social interaction have emerged and have closed the previous gaps. Social Casinos with Real Money Slots are a phenomenon of recent times, which the change reflects.

As a platform for digital entertainment and social exchange Social Casinos are a sign of our times. From the requirements of a modern media and entertainment culture against the Background of a progressing digitalization, they are the logical consequence. But what is behind the new Trend, and what are the special attraction to the Social Casino is?

Mobile Gaming: More than just a Trend

Mobile Gaming is experiencing a huge Boom that seems to want to not abate. With the development of the smartphone from a mere means of communication to a multi-functional companion in Everyday life is also wandered the leisure time more and more on mobile devices. The Gaming industry has recognized the Trend and to classic PC and console games, increasingly, also for the user interfaces of mobile devices available.

A new division has given the mobile Gaming an additional boost. Mobile Casinos expand the digital Entertainment to an interesting new facet and talk to new target groups. The basic requirement for the Boom in mobile Gaming is the modern Smartphone technology, the gaming experience improves on mobile devices, with each development step. The new devices feature a large Display with a high enough resolution, even graphically demanding game titles in good quality. So, in the meantime, even the most complex variants of the Game your way into the mobile Gaming found and offer interesting Alternatives to classical and rather simple knitted mobile games like Candy Crush. Even traditional and a little complex game mechanisms, such as the well-known Match-Three today will be embedded because of the new technological possibilities in an interesting game environment.

An additional catalyst for the mobile Gaming could be the Expansion of the 5G network. Already the jump to 4G has led to a significantly improved Performance of Smartphones and Tablet. The mobile radio standard of the future should not only make the Transfer of large amounts of data effortlessly, but also the latency of the Minicomputer significantly reduced. This combination especially for gamers a great appeal, but also for game developers. "players as developers need fast and stable data connections", stresses Felix Falk, Chairman of the industry Association Game. "As players are now more mobile devices on PC or consoles, is 5G important. A rapid Expansion would therefore be helpful for the industry.“ This perspective also shares the Electronic Sports League (ESL) as a leading player in the field of E-Sports: "If people can play anywhere with a fast connection, the target audience, and thus also of the E-Sports market," forecast Kristina Müller Head of Strategic partnerships at ESL.

Social Casinos are based in the rule is not a particularly complex game mechanisms, but also Streaming Features and communication Tools to benefit from a stable Internet connections.